Christy Burleson

Odenville's Christy Burleson writes Life With Christy each week in the St. Clair Times.

Hello everyone. I hope this finds you well. It’s crazy to think it’s already August. Pretty soon, it’ll be Pumpkin Spice everything. On Saturday, I did the Mud Factor run in Pell City with about 20 of my friends from Cross Fit Logan Martin. There was so much mud, and it was so hot, and I worked the night before. During that run, I thought about my column and what I wanted to write about. 

Over the course of about a year, God has shown me who is going on the next journey of my life. I have lost some people that I thought I would never lose. I have been hurt by people I never thought would hurt me. I have had people turn their back on me that I thought wouldn’t, mostly because people judge what they don’t understand, and that is OK. 

However, I finally learned to quit shedding tears and thank God for revealing this to me, that way I could simply bow out and enjoy my new journey, with the new people that God has placed in my life. I could write pages and pages about this and I could publicly thank so many that I didn’t lose, but I will save that for another day.

I attended The Gathering Place again in Moody. Ya’ll, that church is so crowded, the workers help people who come in late (such as myself) find a seat. I leave a better person than when I came and I might join soon. Love and blessings to each of you.