It would be hard to blame President Donald Trump for thinking, as he looks ahead to 2020, “This re-election thing might be easier than I thought.”

Just weeks after being the first to blink in a government shutdown showdown with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a true low point for his presidency, Trump’s prospects for 2020 are looking better and better, thanks mostly to a Democratic Party that has made a hard turn to the extreme left, has done so at breakneck speed and appears headed toward a cliff.

The Democrats have put on quite a show recently.

First, they took great pains to establish themselves as the official party of late-term abortions, stalking out that territory the way Tom Brady stalks Super Bowl rings. New York Democrats began the push by passing a bill that made late-term abortions easier to come by in that state, and Virginia Democrats tried, and failed, to do the same there.

Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam got caught up in the backwash of that uproar when he made comments during a radio interview that seemed to describe how doctors might approach a possible infanticide in the case of a child born alive after a botched abortion.

Those comments put Northam in the spotlight, and not long afterward, an old yearbook photo emerged that forced the governor to admit that, in the past, he had donned blackface. That’s not a good thing under any circumstances, but it’s especially bad when you make your home in the party of identity politics.   

But that wasn’t the end of the embarrassment for Virginia Democrats. Shortly after Northam found himself in hot water, sexual assault allegations came to light involving Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who would succeed Northam should he resign, and state Attorney General Mark Herring admitted that he, like Northam, had worn blackface in the past. Herring is next behind Fairfax in the line of succession for governor.

Let me stop here to say that if you feel like you need a scorecard to keep up with the Dems’ troubles in Virginia, well, you’re not alone. It’s quite a mess.

But for sheer entertainment, nothing beats the show being put on in Washington by some Democratic House freshmen.

The headliner, or course, is the Democrats’ new superstar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “AOC,” as she is known on Twitter, is the leading the charge for a wacky initiative called The Green New Deal.  

The Green New Deal, according to the official resolution, calls for “a new national, social, industrial and economic mobilization on a scale not seen since World War II.”

Keep in mind that World War II was a national emergency. The liberal hysteria over climate change is only an emergency in the minds of, well, liberals. Also, the economy seems to be doing quite well right now, thank you, but none of that is stopping AOC and her allies from pushing for a new collection of massive federal programs.

AOC managed to stub her toe while preparing for the rollout of this grand new plan. On her website, the freshman congresswoman released a FAQ document about the Green New Deal that said the proposal would provide “economic security for all who are unable or UNWILLING (emphasis mine) to work.” The document also talked about replacing airplanes with high-speed railroads (something I’m sure the folks in Hawaii and Alaska will find interesting), doing away with combustion engines and even, if you can believe this, mentions the problem of trying to eliminate farting cows in as little as a decade.

The document was later pulled, and AOC’s staff said it should have never been released, that it was just an early draft.

Even without some of the lunacy in the FAQ, the resolution is still beyond suspect. It calls for most of the same goals as the FAQ, just without as many details, which seems rather convenient for those trying to sell this mess.

The specifics it does lay out include upgrading every building in the U.S. to meet maximum energy efficiency. That should be easy. There are only 150 million of them. It also calls for “meeting 100 percent of the power demand in the United States through clean, renewable and zero-emission energy sources.” Economically, the plan calls for the following government guarantees (aka free or nearly free stuff): health care, higher education, affordable housing and jobs.

Total cost of all this? Trillions on top of trillions on top of trillions. Or, as was written in AOC’s now-pulled FAQ, if every billionaire and company poured all their resources into this, it would not be enough to cover the costs.

Meanwhile, yet another freshman Democrat, Rep. Ilhan Oman of Minnesota, apologized Monday for social media comments many saw as anti-Semtic after the House’s Democratic leadership called for her to do so earlier in the day.

Against this collection of liberal folly, Trump’s approval rating in the Rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll checked in at 52 percent Monday. As he considers the 2020 race, perhaps the best strategy for Trump is to just sit back and let the Democrats be Democrats. At this point, they’re doing a fantastic job of burying themselves.

Lew Gilliland is assistant editor of The Daily Home. Reach him at