I liked Jeff Session until now, and I will not be voting for him again. He had his chance to help Trump clean out some of the corruption in Washington and failed to do so.

Perhaps, this was because he had been in Washington so long he had become a creature of the swamp himself. Maybe it was because he wanted to please his Republican colleagues in Washington by maintaining the status quo (don’t rock the boat), pleasing his political party instead of the citizens of this country.

This country needs and wants Conservative Constitutionalist, not the same old, same old that can be found on any street corner. Whatever the reasons for his failure to act for the benefit of the citizens of this country, I will not vote for him. He had his chance and blew it. 

I do not blame him for wanting to get elected and return to Washington to his cushy position in the Senate. He fits in well with his snout in that hog trough. After all, he will be back among his kind, the Swamp Creatures of Washington as he no longer represents the views of the majority of Alabamians. 

He has outlived his usefulness to our state and country, if he was ever really useful at all. 

Billy Price