Martha Jordan, Democratic voice in our news … there is a big bag of dislike for our president in your recent letter. Wow, tell me what you think! I respect Ms. Jordan's concern for deplorables like me who appreciate the positive side of the coin and support our president who is making positive change in America.

Note increased numbers of people working at jobs created by industry, increased wages. A little help from the Dems in Congress would be nice. I respect President Trump and think it is way overdue to have someone in our government who knows how to run a business. I shook President Trump’s hand at a rally in Birmingham and I told him I support him, and I do.

I  agree with his appointment of like-minded people to help Make America Great Again. I am impressed with his family and his values. I do not think anything is gained by the vitriol in Ms. Jordan's rant.  

Americans - work together in peace and respect.

Beverley W. Brewer