I read your article on security in the Pell City courthouse and as it referred to all the violence. Well, if you ask me, it's mostly due to boredom and not being taught right from wrong or the difference between reality and fantasy for the youth.

But all in all we currently live in a society where whatever anybody does can be blamed on someone or something else. (My kids shot up a school, then it's the fault of the gun manufacturer, violent music or video games. My friend was dancing in the middle of the road outside of their car and another driver hit them; it's the driver's fault. I ate a Tide Pod and, since it's poison, then it's Tide who should take the product off the shelf.)

I work in a gas station, and the changing table that was in the restroom was removed because parents would put their kids on it and turn their backs on the child who would fall off. So the blame falls on that service station or the makers of the changing table.

God forbid anything should be the parents fault for not watching their kids when all my life I have heard “you gotta watch your baby at all times because they can get into anything at anytime.”

We must take responsibility for our actions or inactions. I did some pretty stupid things in my younger days, but any accidents and injuries were the fault of my own actions, not somebody else’s.

Jason Lovell