Under the U.S. Constitution, Alabama and the other 49 states are sovereign states. All authority given to the federal government by these states was supposed to be limited to the State Department (the president’s cabinet) and our self-defense, the military. Everything else was supposed to be left up to the states to decide for themselves as it affected them and no one else.

The U.S. Constitution and every state’s authority have been usurped by an over-bearing, powerful central government that has never had the consent of the governed to do so. Nowhere does any of our founding legal documents give the central government the legal authority to do so, yet they have been doing it, are doing it now, and getting away with it.

The most recent issue has been over abortion and the Alabama law making it illegal. Whether you support abortion or not, it is not in the federal government’s realm of authority or duties. Such is the case with many state issues the federal government inserts itself into with un-legal authority and by unsolicited and unwanted intervention.

States have many issues that apply to only their state. So, if a state decides they do or do not want abortion (among many other issues), it is an issue not covered by the U.S. Constitution and should be resolved by each respective state.

The federal government has grown so big and powerful that it threatens the freedoms and liberty granted to us by these founding documents — more so than American citizens were ever threatened by England’s King George III. We pay more taxes to the feds than we ever did to the king, and have less rights and freedom than we have ever had in our history as a country. We rebelled against him by seceding from England and founded our own country.

Today we find ourselves as Americans right back in the exact same situation we faced under the king. Return to the states their sovereignty, rights and freedoms or run the risk of seeing a repeat of the American Revolution.

Billy E. Price