After three years and over 25-plus million taxpayer dollars spent, Mueller turned in his report on Trump’s Russia collusion investigation to Attorney General Barr. As of this writing, NO Russian collusion was found on Trump’s part, and Mueller said there would be no more indictments forthcoming.

The Democrats wasted more than $25 million of the taxpayers’ money to try to overturn Trump’s 2016 election victory through lies and deceit to a FISA court. Not to mention the rest of the corrupt things they have pulled out of their bag of tricks since then to obstruct Trump’s presidency.

They threw everything against the wall in the hope something, anything, would help stop Trump and came up empty. Now instead of just being happy Trump is clean and has been cleared of all these false accusations, it’s time to turn the light on the Democrats who brought all of this about.

Do it with the same intensity, time and effort that was used against Trump and prove America’s system of justice is not a one-way street. Such a fishing expedition would probably catch a whole string of Democrats that tried to frame Trump by lying to the American people.

Billy E. Price