I am furious, frustrated and disheartened by Republican politicians from the county level to the state level. Those who are supposed to represent us and support or oppose what “We the people” want no longer do so. They all support nothing but themselves and what they want and their voters be damned.

The voters voted down a school tax increase a couple of years ago in this county, but, hey, guess what? What the voters want does not really matter to our current crop of politicians. Being hell bent and determined to get the school tax they wanted put on you, they now have by-passed you and are going to get the state Legislature to get districting passed for this county without your vote.

Of course, the final vote and say will be up to the Board of Education. Does anyone really believe they will vote against giving themselves more of your money? No, it’s always easier to spend someone else’s money, even if it leaves the ones paying for their wants broke.

Now that the Alabama Legislature has forced a statewide gas tax on us without us getting to vote on this either, I think it only fair this county drop its last gas tax increase on us. The state has you covered with our money. Better yet, use the tax money from the lottery to cover all the taxes you have and do want to put on our backs.

Most of the affluent neighborhoods along this county’s western border are because people moved here from Birmingham and Jefferson County. Perhaps they can afford such a tax increase; the rest of us cannot. If you want bigger and better schools, Jefferson County has them. I am sure Mountain Brook and Vestavia would be glad to have you and your money for higher taxes. We are not Jefferson County nor do we want to be. Remember why you moved here, now you want to ruin it, too?

Did it ever cross your political minds that you are going to tax people into poverty? What happens when you have all our money through over-taxing, declare us a socialist state and nation as government will have all our money and we are left with none?

There are young working people and seniors who cannot afford these taxes. It all looks good while the economy is doing great, but what about when the next recession hits, which usually happens in eight- or 10-year cycles? Where will they be then or do you even care?

Billy E. Price