If there were true Jeffersonian Democrats around and running for political office today, I would be eager to vote for them. There might be some at the local level or state level somewhere, however, they are overshadowed by the Democrats at the national level running for president and some in Congress. They are few and far between.

The leaders of the National Democratic Party today are absorbed with the failed socialist policies of Karl Marx and exhibit none of the agrarian qualities and ideas of the Democratic Party of my youth. They do not present any ideas that will help this country as a whole.

They instead attack constitutional and personal rights of the citizens of the United States wanting to diminish those rights or, if possible, abolish them. Only a fool would exchange the freedom and liberties our founding documents afford all of us regardless of race, creed, color or religion … and for what, the tried and failed policies of losers like Karl Marx?

I usually vote for Republican candidates (but not always) because the Democratic Party offers me no other choice with the socialist candidates they select and submit for office. Those candidates are not true Democrats as I remember them.

So, in conclusion, it’s the Democratic Party’s fault that I usually vote Republican. When you offer real Democrats for office again instead of those who are grasping for a foreign idea like socialism, born and bred in Russia and Germany, you will get my vote again, when you return to your party’s American roots.

So don’t blame me, blame yourselves. 

Billy E. Price