Bizarro World: Those of us who remember Superman comics, there was a Bizarro World that was the opposite of the real world, and we are heading that way if America does not put an end to these radical Democrats and the love for non-Americans and free everything.

If you listen to any Dem, there is never a good word out of their mouths about how great America is and how great things are right now for jobs and energy. If they worked as hard on helping American families as they do helping illegals, what a better country we would have. People have got to understand that what they say is not what they do. They live in secure places have all the energy they want, guards, limos and plenty of money due to taxpayers paying their salary, but the people are suppose to do without cars, meat, energy and go back to wearing sandals and robes like they did when Jesus was living.

All Dems want is your taxes to fund free stuff for snowflakes and lazy folks who vote for Dems. Let’s have a good economy and make all the money you want, eat all the meat you want and, if you want to stay as cold as you want or warm as you want, so be it.

Too many soldiers gave their lives to keep America the way it was founded. Vote the Dems out in 2020.

Steve Persons