When is the mainstream media going to stop enabling and upholding the circus clowns that call themselves the Democratic Party? They offer no new solutions to any of this country’s problems and issues. The best they can do is place blame and find fault with everything Trump and the Republicans do to advance this country in every sector. Could it be the M.S.M. is a party to their plans is why they support and push the left’s agenda?

The Democrats’ solutions are, take away everything you own through the highest taxes the world will ever witness and give it all to those who did not work for it and earn it. The only thing that makes them happier is giving it to illegal aliens and countries who hate us and everything our country stands for.

What about the Americans who are homeless and have no healthcare coverage, especially seniors and veterans? Why are Democrats not considering their needs first? Do their votes not count as much as an illegal alien or American hater’s vote? How about our youth? Are their dreams not as important as those of illegal aliens?

Democrats want to erode the Second Amendment and confiscate everyone’s firearms, why? Every American should fear a government that wants to disarm them. Their future plans for you and your family are clearly not in your best interests to want to disarm you and make you defenseless.

How about the Colin Kaepernick stooge and his antics? First he knelt for the national anthem at N.F.L. games and now finds the Betsy Ross Flag on Nikes shoes “racist.” He joined a religion that STILL enslaves Blacks worldwide shouldn’t he be protesting this instead?

No, he’s just like the other radical left-wing fanatics who have taken over the Democratic Party; he just hates America first. What he says he believes is a front to partially shield that hatred. He could not care less about the real problems of average Blacks or anyone else in this country or the world. It’s all about advancing that Left-Wing Socialist agenda to completely take over America, transforming it forever and ending all hope for everyone.

Why are these radical Left-Wing Democrat hypocrites not running across our borders in the opposite direction seeking that Socialist utopian country if they are so much better than America?

Trump’s campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again” while the Democrats’ is “Make Everybody Else Great” except Americans. 

We just get to pay the bills for the non-Americans. 

Billy E. Price