Like ALL memorials of every war, Confederate statues and memorials are to honor the sacrifices of soldiers who served in a war, nothing more, nothing less. The narrative stamped on them today is that they were erected as memorials to white supremacy, which is just not true.

They were erected at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century because this is when the South was finally starting to financially recover from the devastation of the war. Most of what they had owned between the years 1861-65 and during “Reconstruction” was either carried off over horseback, in wagons, by train, burned or stole at the auction block for inflated taxes on their property and few belongings.

As for the accusation that this war was totally about slavery and nothing else, then explain why roughly 95 percent of the Confederate soldiers who fought did so as they owned no slaves? Certainly not so some rich plantation owner could remain rich. In a time when the average Southerner made $25 a year, it is unrealistic to claim they had dreams of one day owning slaves. This would have been financially impossible for him to do. He fought for independence as his grandfathers had in 1776.

The South did not invent Jim Crow Laws. This was done by northern states through Black Codes to control their black populations. However, the South did adopt those laws after the war, but those laws were first introduced and used in the north.

The north practiced segregation in America. This can be witnessed by the areas they designated for blacks in their communities and cities with Black Codes. The Union Army segregated blacks into Black Regiments while the South let blacks serve in White Regiments because blacks and whites in the South had been around each other all their lives. After the war, the State of Alabama modeled its laws of segregation after those of of Indiana, a northern state.

In conclusion, slavery, Jim Crow Laws, Black Codes, segregation and white supremacy were ideas created and practiced first in the North, the South borrowed them all at a much later date. All these ideas were and are America’s ideas. To attribute them all to the South and her history today is the height of being hypocritical as all were and are All-American ideas.

How long then will it be before all America’s leaders and heroes before 1850 have their place in history denied, their statues and memorials either removed or “re-explained” by the liberals today whose idea of real history changes every 5 minutes to support their political ideology and genda of the moment?

Some practiced slavery in every state in America prior to 1850. What makes them any different or more “holier-than-thou” than the South and Confederate statues and monuments?

Billy E. Price