Over the years, I have read many hate-filled letters published in the St. Clair Times, many written by Billy Price of Ashville, but none that rises to the height of sheer meanness as the letter published on 2-15-18 concerning designating all-gender restrooms in schools.

LGBTQ students comprise the smallest minority in public school systems, and are the most vulnerable to physical and verbal abuse by the student body at large. Often this abuse happens in restrooms, away from the monitoring of faculty. These vulnerable children have no choice to avoid harassment by staying home; by law, they must attend school.

By Human Rights, they should be accorded special-needs status, but that is too progressive an idea for Alabama legislators.

Were you one of those high school bullies, Mr. Price, who would lie in wait for queers in the restroom, knowing that they had to “go” sometime?  These children face challenges daily in schools just for being different. That is NOT THEIR FAULT. Let them at least be able to use the restroom without threat

Now, thanks to your letter, Mr. Price, they are not only assaulted in school, but also humiliated in the newspaper. Easy targets aren't they, Mr. Price?   

Bob Bone