Christy Burleson

Odenville's Christy Burleson writes Life with Christy each week for the St. Clair Times.

Hello my friends. I hope this finds you well. Saturday I rode my bike at Chief Ladiga 80 miles. My Garmin watch died so I was bummed about that. It is such a great time to think and reflect when you ride for 6 hours.

This past Tuesday (Sept 10) would have been my sweet son’s 25th birthday. So you guessed it, this column will be dedicated to him. 

I was pregnant at age 17, and I will never forget asking the nurse what I was going to do. I had no idea how to raise a baby. I was so scared. 

The funniest thing when I was being discharged from the hospital after delivery, the nurse told me no matter what, never use the same bottle twice. So after about a week, I had to ask my mom for more and she was like, “What did you do with all those bottles?’ Well, I said I threw them away like the nurse said. Turns out, she really meant don't let him drink the old milk, not throw the bottles out. 

I will never forget being unable to find his Christmas present under the tree (he passed away 12 days before Christmas). I was going to give his box of $100 (in ones) to his sister to buy a dress for his funeral. Turns out, he had opened it up and spent 2 bucks for a can of dip and had it in his backpack on his bed, with the wrapping paper attached.

I suppose he had planned to wrap it back up and put it back under the tree. Here I am eight years later, trying to find my way without him. The grief comes in waves, some days I feel like I am drowning. Most days, though, I feel thankful for the time that I had, and the chance that God gave me to be his mother.

Happy Birthday in Heaven. I Love You Forever Casey Hare. 

Till we meet again, blessings to each of you.