Christy Burleson

Odenville's Christy Burleson writes Life with Christy each week in the St. Clair Times.

Hello everyone. I hope this finds you well. How is everyone enjoying this cooler weather? I absolutely love it, and I ran the Honda 5K Saturday night. It’s so nice to run in the cooler weather. Not that it makes me run faster, because I am still slow. But I gave 100 percent, and that’s what matters.

I want to talk today about our kids. You all know that my son Casey passed away eight years ago, and I often talk about how I have changed since his death. I will never forget one day, a few months before his death. He was on the back porch trying to fill up a kerosene heater tank. He was hollering for his sister to come and help him, and I yelled back, “Boy, you don’t need any help, you can do it yourself”. 

He got kerosene all over his socks and shoes that he had on. They were those Nike Slides and they actually weren’t his. I was so mad because I thought I was going to have to buy another pair and I didn’t have the money.

Well, fast forward one day, and guess what I was doing? Trying to fill that same tank up with kerosene and guess what I did? I got it all over my socks and shoes, because it’s really hard to do with one person.

I remember sitting on the back porch, feeling so bad that I called the high school and had them bring Casey to the office, just so I could say I am sorry. 

He told me, “Mama, it’s OK”.  

I am not trying to say that I have all this parenting stuff down pat, because I still fail miserably daily, but I will tell you what I have learned. I have learned that our children deserve respect and kindness, and they need to be treated not like we own them or we are their boss, but God loaned them to us to raise the best way we can.

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FYI, the good feedback is easier to hear, though. Till we meet again.