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Get Organized! Google photos: Time is running out

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In November, I gave you a heads-up about changes coming to Google Photos. Since its inception, Google Photos has been free and has not counted against your 15 GB of free storage. The change coming, as of June 1, is that photos you upload to Google Photos will start to count against your 15 GB limit. 

So what happens if you hit the 15 GB limit? The answer is easy. You can buy more storage. The cost is a whopping $1.99 a month for 100 GB. Pay for a whole year at once and you get a discount: $20 for the 12 months. You can hardly take the family to McDonald’s one time for that.

When Google made the announcement about its change, the announcement included two important points. First, photos you already have in Google Photos will not count against the 15 GB free limit. Second, anything you add to Google Photos before June 1 will not count against the 15 GB limit either.

Get In or Get Out?

No sooner did Google’s announcement come out than people started looking for other places to move their photos. They’re thinking about this one all wrong.

Now is the time to get into Google Photos. It’s the time to take every digital photo you have and upload it to Google Photos. Do it before June 1. 

If you aren’t familiar with Google Photos, start by reading this post: If you are saying, “I don’t even have Google Photos,” you probably do. If you have a Google account, you have Google Photos. Log into your Google account and go to and you’re there. You can start dragging photos into it today.

Identify the photos you’ve stored on your computer and flash drives. Drag them into Google Photos. Use the Google Photos app to upload pictures stored on your phone. The link I gave you also includes a 21-minute video. That video walks you through everything step-by-step.

Over the next 5 weeks, upload every photo you’ve got and take plenty more. You will have downloaded the Google Photos app, and the photos you take will automatically upload to your Google Photos account. They’ll be available from any computer where you are logged into your Google account. Gone are the days where photos filled up space on your phone. Gone are the days when you had to worry about what happens to your treasured photos if you lose that phone.

After June 1, it will probably take you years to reach your 15GB limit. Every digital photo I have is in Google Photos, and it only comes to 1.89GB. Want to know how much storage you have used with Google Photos, Gmail, or Google Drive? Go here to see: If at any time you need to free some space, this site will help you do it easily:


For an expanded version of this article, visit Once upon a time, my digital photos reminded me of a junk drawer. Today, the collection is amazing.


Google Photos has made enjoying my photos so much easier. When we ask the question, “Why get organized?” the answer has much to do with being able to enjoy what you have.

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