Springville Presbyterian Church

This is what Springville Presbyterian Church looks like today.


Gary Hanner/St. Clair Times

In the summer of 1872, a revival was held in the building of the Baptist Church in Springville. People of all denominations came for the camp meeting.

As a result, a Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized on Oct. 26, 1872, by Rev. T.B. Taylor and Thomas McCluney. The first pastor was Thomas McCluney, assisted by Thorney Taylor.

The first officers were Elders A.W. Woodall, E.M. McClendon, M.M. Fulghum and W.W. Perkins; deacons were Thomas W. Truss and Thomas Montgomery.

There was no Presbyterian Church building and it is believed they held services in the Baptist Church until sometime in 1873. On Dec. 28, 1872, L.N. Herring and his wife deeded a block of land for $125 to T.K. Truss, A.W. Woodall, W.W. Perkins Jr., E.M. McClendon and C.H. Allison who were officers of the Presbyterian Church. The present Presbyterian Church stands on a part of this block.

The church was built in 1873. In 1884 there were 95 members in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The first manse was built in 1889.

In September 1886, a union meeting was held with the Methodist and Baptist churches. Many members were received into each of the three churches. In Dec. 1898, there were 103 members on roll.

During the last half of the 19th century, there was also a Southern Presbyterian Church in Springville. The Harvey Watson home is the old church building. The pulpit that stands now in the Springville Presbyterian Church was hand-carved for that church.

The Springville Church remained independent of Presbytery affiliation from July 18, 1906, until Feb. 27, 1907. The Springville Presbyterian Church united with the Southern Presbyterian Church in 1907, and E.E. Patterson from Germanic, West Va., was the first pastor.

In 1926, Mark H. Pearson, with little financial help, demolished the old manse and built the present manse. 

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