The shell games being played by political parties are going to be the end of America as a Western civilization. They play on our sympathies over DACA by calling these illegal, house-crashing invaders everything but illegal aliens who broke our long-established immigration laws to get here.

We have our veterans and homeless whose needs should be provided for long before these uninvited “guests” who bring no skills, but will strain our welfare and social service programs. Not to mention the criminal elements slipping across our border among their ranks unchecked.

While some companies are delighted at the prospect of having this low-skilled, low-paid pool of workers to draw from, we, too, have our low-skilled workers who need these jobs. Don’t they matter or can they just do without or enroll in our welfare programs?

The real truth behind this effort to give citizenship to illegals is not because they have no shoes or coat. No, sympathy has nothing to do with this treasonous plot. It has everything to do with the Democratic Party wanting these votes by buying them with our tax money through our overly generous welfare system.

This country’s existence and well-being means nothing to them as long as they can beat the Republican Party, regain and retain power through “any means necessary” and American citizens be damned. We are weary from you trying to play on our heart strings with your “bait and switch” lies.

If this plot is not treason, then there is no such thing as treason.

Billy E. Price