The St. Clair County Conservation District, St. Clair County 4-H, and Career Coach Leann Ford, with the St. Clair County School System, teamed up to conduct the inaugural St. Clair County Farm Day during a recent two-day event.

The event, held at the St. Clair County Arena in Odenville, hosted all 850 third-graders from the St. Clair County School System.

Charity Mitcham with the St. Clair County Conservation District said the purpose of Farm Day was to raise awareness and educate students about where food comes from, and the importance of agriculture and taking care of the natural resources. These are objectives the conservation district and St. Clair County 4-H continually strive to achieve.
We think beginning when our children are young is the most influential way to raise awareness,” Mitcham said. “A lot of our children and even some adults do not realize where our food comes from. Most of our kids in the county have never been on a farm or seen a farm animal up close. We have quite a few cattle farms in the county, along with poultry growers, too. Our farmers are very proactive about taking care of our soil and water and we want the public to know that.”
Mitcham thanked the St. Clair County Commission for its help.

“Without them, this big event would not be possible,” she said. “We had a great amount of sponsors come through for us and we are grateful to them as well. We would also like to thank all of our volunteers for all their hard work. The Ashville, Springville, Moody and St. Clair County High School FFA students were a big help in helping educate our third-graders. We are very grateful that we were able to have the Farm Day at the St. Clair County Arena.”

Any questions about this event or any future events, can be addressed to Mitcham at 205-338-7215 or Becky Staples with the St. Clair County 4-H at 205-338-9416.

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