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Extension News: Serving those who served

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Veteran's outreach: Wayne Johnson

County Extension Veterans Outreach Coordinator Wayne Johnson

The St Clair County Veterans Outreach Program is a partnership. We work as a team to identify information and assistance available, then inform our veteran community about these benefits in the area of education benefits, employment, wellness, family and legal support. 

Many veterans will not seek the help they need. Through this program, we assist veterans and their families in a supportive and community-oriented environment. 


The Extension Veterans Outreach Program serves veterans and their families in a supportive and community-oriented environment by:

—Connecting veterans to assistance programs through a variety of national, state and local organizations.

—Organizing community-based projects to improve the veteran’s quality of life.

—Bringing together a veteran to veteran volunteer team.

—Conducting roundtable discussions.

—Providing transportation to and from medical appointments.



Veterans and their immediate family members comprise about 12 percent of the total population in St Clair County. Listed below are a number of the challenges that veterans and their families face in a disproportionate way compared to other Americans: 

—Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

—Traumatic brain injury 

—Substance abuse 

—Homelessness/housing concerns 

—Disability and health/illness issues 

—Unemployment/under employment 


—Educational deficit 

—Money management struggles 

—Financial literacy 

—Social anxiety/mental health issues 

—Family issues anger 

—Management challenges 

—Criminal justice issues


Perhaps you are a veteran or have a loved one that has served. Or maybe you are just passionate about helping veterans. Whatever the case, this country and much of the world has depended upon those brave men and women who were willing to risk their lives to protect America and its freedom around the world. 

No other warrior in history can compare to the American soldier’s compassion and strength for answering the call to duty. They have endured the blood, guts, and glory of war worldwide, without complaint, and for that we are most grateful.

The mission of St Clair County’s Veteran’s Outreach Program is to honor and serve all our veterans. Please contact Wayne Johnson, Extension Veterans Outreach Coordinator, at (205) 753-1156 or email today if you are a veteran in need of assistance or desire to help with upcoming projects to help our county veterans who need a hand up.

We greatly appreciate the St. Clair County Commission for funding this valuable program and for their continued support.