Trout Creek

The Ragland varsity boys’ basketball team shows off the warmups they wear this year that say Trout Creek, the original name of the town of Ragland.

Trivia question for all you history buffs out there.

What was the original name of the town of Ragland?

The answer is Trout Creek. The town was first called Trout Creek due to the abundance of fish found in the creek. The first settlers camped on the creek where the Methodist parsonage is located.

The name of this place was changed from Trout Creek to Ragland in honor of George Ragland, who owned and operated the first coal mine.

If you have been to a Ragland basketball game lately, you may have noticed the warmup tops the Ragland varsity boys have been wearing, which say Trout Creek on them.

Head coach Andy Eden said with this year being the 200th anniversary of St. Clair County, and 2019 being the 200th anniversary of the state of Alabama, he wanted to do something special to commemorate the special occasion.

“I was discussing with our players how we could do something to highlight the history of Ragland,” Eden said. “Every season we try to buy our players warmup tops that they can keep after the season. As we discussed what we could have on our warmup tops, along with ways to highlight Ragland, I mentioned to the team maybe we could have Trout Creek on the tops.”

Eden said he thought it was a great idea, being that Trout Creek was the original name of the town.

“The players really liked the idea, along with Ragland Principal Jennifer Ball,” Eden said. “That was how the idea originated. So we have Ragland in large letters at the top of the warmup to honor our school and town, along with Trout Creek at the bottom to honor our history.”

Eden said he has heard positive comments from everyone who has seen the tops.

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