ASPCI logo

The ASPCI logo. The organization is changing its name to Animal Savers of Pell City Inc.

PELL CITY -- Animal Shelter of Pell City Inc., or ASPCI, announced recently it has changed its official name to Animal Savers of Pell City Inc.

“ASPCI has always been about saving animals,” said Barbara Wallace, the organization’s president. “Since we have successfully transformed from being involved in shelter management, it was past time for us to change our name to be reflective of what we do.”

Wallace said Animal Savers of Pell City Inc. is a nonprofit animal welfare organization. 

“We are dedicated to reducing the number of unwanted animals in the area through programs that are designed specifically to save animals from shelters,” she said. 

Animal Savers of Pell City Inc. at 2631 Martin St. S., Suite 202, Pell City, has a Spay/Neuter Assistance (SNAP) program. Residents with household incomes of $49,000 or less can participate in the program, which provides low-cost spay/neuter assistance for their pets. 

SNAP certificates are sold at the Animal Savers of Pell City Inc. office.

Wallace said 512 SNAP certificates have been issued so far this year, with a redemption rate of 96 percent. 

Animal Savers of Pell City Inc. also works with pet owners who can no longer keep their pets. The organization facilitates an adoption arrangement for those pets. 

“So far this year, our Rescue/Transport Program has saved over 1,200 animals from shelters in Alabama,” Wallace said. 

Wallace said the nonprofit also manages the Alabama Pet Cemetery, where pet owners can inter their deceased pets in a perpetually maintained cemetery. 

For more information about the Animal Savers of Pell City Inc. or their programs, call the office at 205-338-7877. Office hours are from 9 a.m.-noon on Mondays and Tuesdays.