Ashville becomes latest in St. Clair Co. to cancel youth spring/summer sports

Youth sports canceled for spring/summer in St. Clair County

Several communities in St. Clair County have canceled spring/summer youth sports such as baseball, softball and soccer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

ST. CLAIR COUNTY –- Ashville’s youth sports association joined other area youth sports organizations in officially canceling the spring/summer sports season Monday because of the pandemic. 

“This was going to be a really great year for us,” said Robin Bowlin, president of Ashville Youth Sports. 

He said organizers had dressed up the fields, ordered uniforms and were ready to start the season before COVID-19 struck the world. 

Bowlin said the youth sports board, the mayor and the City Council tried to make the best decision for the players and parents, as other local youth organizations have backed out of the soccer, baseball and softball season. 

“The season would have ended in two weeks,” Bowlin said. 

Mayor Derrick Mostella said officials have made the call to go ahead and work on a refund plan for parents. He said uniforms were already ordered and received for players. 

“We will try and put the best refund package together in the next couple of days,” Mostella said. 

He said Monday night the city will notify parents by social media in the next couple of days about the refund process. 

Ashville has joined Moody and Springville in throwing in the towel for any resemblance of a youth spring/summer season.

Moody Parks and Recreation Director Mike Staggs said youth organizations were forced to cancel the season at no fault of anyone.

“It became painfully obvious we weren’t going to be able to start the season anytime soon,” Staggs said. 

He said it was impossible for anyone to put a start date on the season, and it became more apparent last week after Gov. Kay Ivey spoke to the public about a gradual opening of the state, which still prohibited non-work gatherings of more than 10 people. 

Staggs said it basically came down to three factors -- the health and welfare of the kids, what restrictions would be in effect, and the limited time to complete a season. 

“We’ll be back and have a great fall season,” Staggs said. 

There are still many uncertainties with the path this pandemic will take, but for now, players will remain off the playing field. 

“We have decided to cancel our season,” said Ashley Hay, Springville Parks and Recreation director. She said city officials have canceled the youth baseball, softball and soccer season. 

She said the municipality has officially closed all city youth fields at least until June 1.  

As of Tuesday, the Odenville Youth Athletic Association had not canceled its youth sports season.