July is Lost Pet Prevention Month, so there are some things to remember in case you or a loved one find your furry friend is missing.

If for some reason your little buddy does get lost, some things you should do immediately include:

• Contact shelters and animal control organizations in your area. Make sure to file a lost pet report with all shelters, pounds and animal control offices within a 60-mile radius of your home.

• Make sure to get the word out to all veterinarians in the area as well, as some people will pick up strays and take them to a clinic.

• Walk or drive through your neighborhood several times a day, and ask friends and family to do the same. Speak to anybody who frequents the neighborhood and show them pictures of your pet to find out if they’ve seen it.

• Visit your neighbors door-to-door, as they will be more likely to let you know of any strays they come across if they know you’ve lost a pet.

• Put up plenty of posters and flyers. Post them at any busy location in your area or put out advertisements. Be sure to include plenty of information about your pet, but in order to avoid scams, leave out one characteristic and ask the person who finds your pet to describe it.

• Post any information about your pet on pet recovery sites and services, such as TheCenterForLostPets.com and FidoFinder.com. National pet care providers can be hired to help you search for your pet.

• Lost pet alert services, such as FindToto.com, will also contact homes, veterinarians, shelters, and animal control organizations for a reasonable price.

• In the event that your pet grows hungry or thirsty, they might find their way back home. Be sure to leave out food and water for them in case they return.

• Tell anyone you see about your missing pet, and ask them to keep their eyes open. The more people you tell, the greater your chances are of finding your pet.

• The most important thing for you to do is to keep searching. Don’t give up, and make sure to get lots of help. Make sure the word is out right away and start your search early.