Dear Editor:

I am writing to respond to the article "Dangerous Dogs?" in the May 1 edition.

First, I would like to say thank you for presenting both sides of the debate. Many other publications seem to slant to one side only. I personally agree with noted dog trainer Cesar Millan, who stated, "There are no bad breeds, only bad owners." The pit bull has often received bad press and the media does influence what the majority of people think.

I remember an incident awhile back when I was walking a friend’s dog in a park in the Birmingham area. A lady with a small child stopped me on the track to speak to me and she saw that the dog was friendly and asked permission for petting the dog. I said yes. They did and they were talking about what a sweet, precious dog this was.

The lady said they were considering getting a dog, but admitted that she wasn’t very knowledgeable about dogs. Then she asked "What breed is this dog?" I told her pit bull and suddenly she was pulling the child away in almost panic mode. That showed me that she was buying all the bad things that the mainstream media had put into her mind rather than going by her personal experience of seeing the dog was friendly and well-behaved.

Profiling is wrong, whether it is of people or dogs. You can’t judge without considering the individual character.


Sherry Garrett, Odenville