The year was 1954. Over 60 seniors graduated from Pell City High School that year.

Last Friday, 21 of those seniors gathered for a 60-year reunion in the fellowship hall of Cropwell Baptist Church.

60 years later, memories from yesteryear among the 21 classmates came rushing back to their minds.

Memories like how a goat wound up on the roof of the school building.

How this class was not allowed to go on a class trip to New Orleans.

How the students who lived in Coal City thought the students who lived in Pell City were rich, and not poor like themselves.

How two classmates became authors.

Everyone in attendance had a great time.

Betty Willingham was the class secretary, and was the emcee for the night.

"I feel so blessed that God has given me all these years," Willingham said. "I’m glad we still have this many classmates who are able to gather together as a class."

Alice Sullivan said she is glad everyone had a good time.

"Seeing some classmates I haven’t seen in 60 years was a thrill to my heart," Sullivan said.

Selma Hilyer said seeing her classmates was indescribable.

"I can’t believe it," Hilyer said. "After all these years, it’s so wonderful."

Terry King said they had a wonderful group in high school.

"We still have a lot of fun when we’re together when we get together," King said. "I’m very happy that so many of us are still around to enjoy this time. Our high school days were fun, and it was a wonderful time to grow up."

King shared with his classmates that since the night they graduated, there have been 21,900 days.

"We’ve just lived them one day at a time as the good ole gospel song suggest," King said.

The classmate who drove the longest distance to get to the reunion was Kay Buckner. She and her husband and husband’s caregiver traveled 600 miles from Zellwood, Fla.

"The fact we traveled that far tells why this reunion was significant to me," Buckner said. "It means so much to me to be able to stay in contact with my classmates."