SPRINGVILLE — Dee Cooper says she saw Kim Denmark walking down the highway last week, and that was enough.

"I picked her (Denmark) up and took her home for supper," Cooper said.

The meeting turned out to be serendipitous – Denmark has been on a mission for "109 months," she says, to home bring awareness and aid to the problem of homelessness in America. Specifically, she says she has a heart for homeless veterans.

"I was an arrogant business owner," she said. "I was nasty to people who needed help."

Denmark says she experienced "a spiritual awakening" following an illness. Since then, she has been on the road.

"I’ve been through 26 pairs of shoes and three pairs of boots," she said.

Cooper, who recently founded Pathfinders of St. Clair as a non-profit for women in St. Clair County, walked with her on Thursday, along with her son, beginning at Walmart in Springville.

Denmark says her ultimate goal is Washington D.C., and perhaps an audience with the president.

"I’d like for him to listen to my proposal, and possibly be a liaison or ambassador for the homeless," she said.

Even if that does not happen, she says she is confident in the righteousness of her mission.

"I chose to do something," she said. "What I’ve done is make a personal sacrifice on behalf of others."

For more information on Denmark’s mission, visit kimdenmark.com.