Mayor Paul Jennings and City Council members Betty Bradley and Ann Brown of the City of Argo earned the professional designation of Certified Municipal Official after completing 40 credit hours of training conducted or endorsed be the Alabama League of Municipalities.

The Argo officials are members of the 19th graduating class of Certified Municipal Officials and were recognized for their accomplishments during graduation ceremonies held in Montgomery on Aug. 12.

The three Argo officials received formal classroom training in subjects such as council meetings procedure, parliamentary procedure, the Open Meetings Act, public records, ordinance drafting, conflicts of interest, the state ethics law, duties of the mayor and council, tort liability, the competitive bid law, zoning and planning, annexation, municipal revenues and expenditures, personnel actions, and leadership development.

"All CMO graduates spend many hours over several years attending day-long workshops and lectures on the finer points of municipal government," said Ken Smith, Executive Director of the Alabama League of Municipalities. "Earning the CMO designation is a significant achievement, and I commend our graduates for their dedication and motivation to become better informed, more effective municipal officials.