Lego Robotics Camp was held last week at the Jeff State campus in Pell City.

Instructor Michelle Darabaris said campers have been working with materials to build, create and redefine different projects using science and math concepts.

“Today, they are building soccer ball kickers,” Darabaris said. “We are having competition. They can refine the program on the computer to get the maximum speed for their kicker. They can also refine their kicking model to get the maximum force built up.”

Darabaris said the students look forward to it. Last week, the top score was 80 inches. This time out, the top score was 54 inches.

The week-long camp stretched out over four days. Camps have already been held at the Jefferson and Clanton campuses, and now Pell City. There will be two more weeks of camps at the Shelby campus for a total of five weeks. The camp is for students ages 7-12.

“One of the greatest things the kids are going to get from this program is problem solving abilities,” Darabaris said. “They will also encounter perseverance, persistence and refining these activities. The engineering aspect of this program is another great thing they will receive.”