The Rotary Club of Trussville Daybreak heard from Chris Donaldson, the Chief Executive Officer of Avondale Brewery, at their regular Wednesday breakfast recently and he told them about his first job at age 12, which was picking up trash in his neighborhood. He was paid $25 a week but he displayed early evidence of his entrepreneurial spirit and he found a friend to do it for him for $15.

Soon after that he sold newspaper subscriptions, which he said taught him a lot about himself and life. In college, he became the book salesman who would buy books from fellow students for more than the bookstore would offer and then sell the books for less than they could be bought at the bookstore.

Now his latest venture is Avondale Brewery, located at 41st Street and Second Avenue, about a block down from the former Mazer’s location. The building was once, among other things, a fire station and also a brothel.

“There’s no glamorous story behind the beginning of Avondale Brewery,” he said in telling about his latest venture. “We were just sitting around one day and decided to start brewing beer.”

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