Fizz, Boom, Read at the Doris Stanley Memorial Library in Moody had huge crowds of excited and energetic children ready to read books this summer about science adventures and cool experiments they could try.

The library had been transformed into a science lab conjuring up slimy goo experiments amongst the books. Children enjoyed the large bubbles overhead made from all the potions concocted.

This year’s theme got kids excited about science. Each week in the month of June, performers from in and around Alabama demonstrated their art of entertainment.

Dr. Magical Balloons (Dewayne Reynolds) created balloon characters for his storytelling adventures. Kids from the audience participated in the drama.

Magic Man Entertainment (Bill Packard) demonstrated magic with a science twist. He also told several stories related to science.

Juggler (Tom Foolery) mesmerized the kids and adults with his feats of juggling artistry.

Rick Rakestraw’s Jungle Adventures Animal Show brought several endangered animals, many of whom did tricks which captivated the audience.

There were a total of 768 in attendance with 98 readers who read over 2,000 books in June. These readers received weekly prizes along with coupons from local restaurants such as Arby’s, Bojangles, Chick-fil-A, Jack’s, Krystal, and Sonic.

Several volunteers worked very hard each week preparing snacks and helping with clean up.

The library staff appreciates their efforts and the support of the local businesses. We encourage kids to keep reading all summer long.

The library has a lot of good books waiting to for you to read.