To the Editor: 

As one who grew up at Pinedale Shores during its heyday, the problem goes back to no one wanting to increase dues enough to stem the problems they now face. Raising those dues to several hundred dollars a year would clear up most of those problems but, just like back then, no one today would be willing to do this.

However, Ashville sees Pinedale as a loss if they annexed it as they are only looking at today and not five, 10, 15 or 20 years down the road. Both Pinedale and Ashville know that it would not change in a year or two, but in the long haul it could and would be beneficial for Ashville to annex Pinedale.

Both Ashville and Pinedale sell themselves short if they do not do one of the two things mentioned. People pay more to spend one week at the beach in Gulf Shores or Panama City than they would for dues to have boating and swimming all summer long and fishing year round.

Before Ashville or Pinedale either one settle on a hasty decision, I suggest they go see Highland Lake on Straight Mountain and see what Pinedale could be to either one of these municipalities. 

In a few years with a little foresight and patience for their investment to pay dividends.

Billy E. Price, Ashville