It showed in their faces, their hands and their laughter.

Children who got in on the fun at the Ragland Public Library’s Summer Reading event had an extra good time with the “doctor of magic.”

The library hosted a visit from the one and only Dr. Magical Balloons with his Festively Fantastic Phantasmagorical Fun Time Balloon Show, which was held at the Ragland Municipal Building last week.

This physician of “balloonery” uses balloon costumes and his hand-crafted creations as props for his interactive storytelling experience that is one of the most popular library shows in the Southeast.

Dr. Magical Balloons is actually one Dewayne Reynolds, an Auburn University alumnus with a master’s degree in political science and has been performing his shows since 1998.

Each year, Reynolds writes a new show to fit the theme of the state’s Collaborative Summer Reading Program.

This year, the theme “Fizz, Boom Read” has inspired him to create adaptations of children’s books about robots, weather run amok, adventures in the clouds, and science.

Through his presentation, children are encouraged to seek their own inspiration through reading.

There were about 30 youngsters s present for the doctor’s visit in Ragland.

Reynolds has performed in restaurants, for Fortune 500 companies, at city festivals and in libraries and schools throughout the Southeast. For more information, you can contact the library at 205-472-2007 or go to