To the Editor: 

The St. Clair County Foster/Adoptive Parent Association sends its heartfelt thanks to Coal City Dollar General and their employees for the fantastic donation of foods collected during the month of May. The Dollar General has sponsored the food drive for several years for foster families, with wonderful success.

Our thanks also go to the Moody Post Office and all their carriers for the wonderful donations they collected for the foster parents.

May is foster parent appreciation month, and we would sincerely appreciate many more businesses in St. Clair County to offer any other donations to help support our foster families not only for the month of May but year-round. 

Cato’s, however, has supported the families for a number of years with very generous donations. As we receive the donations, we are given a receipt which we then send in to the state and in turn the state matches our receipt amount and is sent to the Independent Living program for teens in the foster care system. For two years we have turned in almost $9,000 in receipts from Pell City’s Cato’s alone.

The board payment for housing a child is very low and there has not been a raise in pay for approximately 12 years. Our group works very hard to find resources to help support foster families. Foster parents are a very important part of a community, but remembered very seldom so we want to invite businesses, churches and citizens to help support all foster families residing in St. Clair County.

Thank you to all citizens and businesses that have supported us.

Jeanette Beason, President