Christy Burleson

Odenville's Christy Burleson writes Life with Christy each week for the St. Clair Times.

Hello my friends. I hope this finds you well.

I’m sitting in my car, watching the rain, listening to my favorite song, Some of It, by Eric Church. One of the lyrics he says, ‘Some of it you learn the hard way.’ How true is this?

I ran my fourth Little River Canyon Half Marathon this past Saturday. There are so many hills, and I’m pretty sure Ft. Payne is the hottest town on the planet. It was so hot.

You see every time I run it, I always look back because I’m usually the last person. I’m not fast at all and I’m pretty sure the firefighter in the Kubota that was there in case we dropped like flies, might have thought “dang, she is slow”.

I finished with a time of 3:24, and my legs were so sore I have to go upstairs backwards. But you know what? All that matters is I finished and that you finish.

Starting triumphs never starting and technically I wasn’t last, the state trooper behind me was.

Last, but not least, happy birthday to two of my favorite people - Doris Williams and Susan Henderson. You two make my life better. Till we meet again.