We hear a lot about inadequate public school teacher pay and endure a continuous effort to keep pace with the rest of the economy.

Do you know where Alabama ranks with the other states in teacher pay? A little research is surprising and enlightening.

The top five states in teacher pay:

1. New York - $77,30/year

2. Connecticut - $76,740

3. Massachusetts - $74,470

4. California - $74,270

5. New Jersey - $70,890

The bottom five states in teacher pay:

50. Oklahoma             - $41,150/year

49. Mississippi - $42,270

48. Arizona - $42,730

47. South Dakota - $43,180

46. North Carolina - $43,900

Does this surprise you that Alabama actually ranks #38?   

Have you ever seen this reported in the news, or do you recall, as I, continuously being told Alabama ranks at the very bottom in teach pay.   

I do concede, however, there is room for much improvement. Look at how we measure up to neighboring states:

24. Georgia - $54,890/year            

34. Tenn. - $50,900

42. Florida - $47,610                      

49. Miss. - $42,270

Teacher pay is of vital interest to every citizen. Not only do they richly deserve adequate compensation for their tireless efforts, we must be reminded daily that we are competing with states such as Georgia and Tennessee to attract good teachers.

Sources for this article are: The Washington Post, MSN News, 2/27/18; Money Talks News, 2/25,18; Huffington Post, 2/20/18.

James W. Anderson