A milestone win

Sheroderick Smith has 185 wins as Winterboro girls basketball coach.

Winterboro High School girls basketball coach Sheroderick Smith reached a career milestone last week with a win over B.B. Comer.

The victory marked the 200th of Smith’s 13-year career coaching girls.

He has 185 wins in 11 seasons at Winterboro. Before that, Smith spent two seasons at Saks, where he earned 15 wins.

Smith is grateful for everyone who played a role in making this accomplishment possible.

“I want to thank my former and current parents,” Smith said. “I want to thank the Winterboro community; 90 percent of those wins came from this community.  

“I want to thank my current administration for recognizing me. I want to give thanks to God for allowing me to live to see the days of all these wins, because it was definitely a struggle at the beginning when I first got here.”

In his 11 seasons at Winterboro, Smith has turned a once dormant program into one of the top Class 1A programs in the state.

Smith’s first game at Winterboro wasn’t promising as the Lady Bulldogs got beat 72-6. Smith won three games that winter, but every season after that his team progressed.

In his second year at the helm, the Lady Bulldogs claimed nine victories. In his third season, Winterboro won 18 games, a campaign Winterboro followed up with 20-, 29- and 24 win-seasons.

Smith has led Winterboro to five area titles, five regional tournament appearances, an Elite Eight appearance and eight straight postseason appearances.

He has been named The Daily Home Coach of the Year five times. Smith has also represented Winterboro as a coach in the North-South All-Star game.

“I have experienced the first girls basketball player to sign a scholarship in Maryanna Garrett,” he said. “I have experienced my first ranked team in 2012. I experienced my first 1,000-point and 2,000-point player. I have experienced a player to receive a four-year degree and play basketball.  

“I have experienced four girls signing basketball scholarships. I have experienced Winterboro’s first all-state player and qualified for Miss. Basketball in 2014. I have experienced defeating a 6A school, a 5A school, a 4A school and a 3A school. All these things hadn’t been done in Winterboro history. There is so much to talk about when you discuss 200 wins.”

Winning games isn’t enough for Smith at this stage of his career. He said he wants his program to be in contention for a state championship year in and year out.

“I want to be in the Final Four,” Smith said. “I don’t have the patience for just wins anymore. I want to be able to compete and get back to being a top-10 team.  

“I would like to have more things that I need in order to compete. You know the older you get, the less patient you get ... I want to put more kids in college, whether it is academically or athletically.”

Smith also earned his 100th win as the Winterboro boys basketball coach earlier in the season. Smith said coaching both teams is rewarding, but in different ways.

“My high school coach coached both teams,” Smith said..

“You get a different reward from both of them. The boys are more up-tempo and more aggressive. The girls are a little bit more coachable and loyal to a certain extent. Both of them have their challenges, but they are both rewarding.”