No matter who you blame for the government shutdown, the U.S. government is governed by one party in all three branches. There is no excuse for the government shutting down. The apparent reason for the closure is the simple fact the Republican Party is using a scorched-earth policy to govern. The GOP's position is basically “our way or no way.”

Somehow, a group of men and some women have risen to almost complete and unchecked power in the federal government. They are owned by, and loyal to party and big, big money. Nowhere in their deliberations and determinations are they considering the “little people, the everyday Joes or Jills” who are not wealthy elected officials with health insurance, upper income, etc.

The GOP has forgotten or overlooked the disabled, poor or low income -- those in need of some type of assistance, those who are paid low wages and live paycheck-to-paycheck. These people are only given lip service by the Grand Old Party.

The GOP talks a good game, but fail to follow through. There is no reason on this earth why the Children's Health Insurance Program, if nothing else, should not have been renewed last year. No reason at all if you are the party that controls all three branches of government. This situation is comparable to a bank that also owns a top-shelf security firm and gets robbed anyway. Compromise is not a four letter word. It is the basis of how the framers developed the documents on which our Democratic form of government is based. What is the problem?

Submitted by Martha Jordan on behalf of the Talladega County Democratic Party.