It has been said, what goes down in the well comes up in the bucket. That fact is proven every day as evidenced by our changing world. Rampant divisiveness, increasing crime and mass shootings as well as the ever-increasing drug problems. And then there is the mental health issues. Need I say more?


How about our children with their viral video games and things on the internet that many senior citizens would be embarrassed to death to see? Not to forget the viral social media of many adults. Are these issues related? No doubt.

The solution? I regret to say there is not one. But, for sure there are many issues that need to be addressed simultaneously. What about politics, crime, drugs, mental health, schools, the junk our children are exposed to? It starts in our homes.

Is there an overnight solution? Do we have a choice?

Absolutely not.

We would expect a far reaching, multi-faceted, consistent strategy that will require sacrifice and collaboration of every right-thinking person for the long haul.

Ladies and gentlemen, does anyone doubt that what goes down in the well comes up in the bucket?

And, it begins in our hearts.

Wendell Stewart