PELL CITY -- St. Clair County Circuit Court Judge Phillip Seay has ordered the release of Peyton Pruitt, a 19-year-old autistic man who last month was found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect of soliciting support for a terrorist act.

“I’m going to get my boy tonight,” Tony Pruitt, Peyton’s father, said Tuesday afternoon. “I’m speechless.”

Tony Pruitt said he was notified by Peyton’s attorney the judge was working on an order for his release this morning.

“We’ve been crying all day,” he said.

Seay completed the order Tuesday afternoon.

“…The court finds that without court-ordered conditions, Mr. Pruitt is dangerous to himself or others,” Seay wrote in his order. “It is hereby ordered that the defendant, Peyton Pruitt, is released from custody to live at the home of his father and under the direct supervision of his father and stepmother with the following conditions.”

Pruitt was arrested 11 months ago after he allegedly provided terrorist support on the Internet, providing a link to the instructions of making a pressure cooker bomb and information pertaining to making a car bomb, as well as possible targets.  

Authorities said he was actually providing the information to FBI agents.

Pruitt has remained in the St. Clair County Jail on a $1 million bond since his arrest last November.

In accordance with the conditions of Seay’s order, Pruitt is not allowed to use computers, cellular telephones, other electronic devices or the Internet other than in a supervised school facility. As an added precaution, his home will be equipped with a 9 p.m. kill switch for all Internet and Wi-Fi access and shall activate the switch daily from 9 p.m.-7 a.m.

Law enforcement officers shall immediately inspect the home for its compliance with the order.

Peyton’s father must comply with the current school plan developed for his son.

In accordance with the order, law enforcement shall randomly, and in not more than three-month intervals, inspect the home for compliance with the order after reasonable notice to the father, Tony Pruitt.

Any guns or weapons of any kind must be locked in a closet and secured in a locked safe for which Peyton has no access. Peyton is not allowed to possess any firearms, explosives or other weapons.

Peyton’s father and stepmother shall complete parental counseling related to Peyton’s condition with Internet safety. Peyton must also undergo professional mental health counseling, as well as attend Internet safety awareness classes.

The court must also be notified of any change of address for Peyton.

The court may add to or reduce conditions in future orders.