Racing twice at Talladega

TALLADEGA SUPERSPEEDWAY -- Ty Dillon, currently 24th in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup standings, may not be racing for postseason glory today, but he will be racing for pride in the 500.

His No. 13 Germain Racing Chevrolet will feature an homage to Richard Childress’s 1969 paint scheme. Dillon is the grandson of the 2017 NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee.

“It’s a 50-year throwback,” Dillon said. “I was just talking about it with my grandfather. I asked him, ‘Why green? What made you do this car?’ He said, ‘My career was going so bad, my luck was so bad, I had to do something to change it.’”

Dillon said Childress told him he tried to put every superstition he could think of on the car. Childress debuted his new paint scheme at the inaugural race at Talladega in his first Cup series start.

“That was the weekend that really turned his career around and really propelled him to where his is now,” Dillon said of his grandfather. “It’s cool to honor that. Not too many people associate that look of that car with my grandfather at all, and it’s pretty fast, so I like it.”

Elements of Dillon’s throwback scheme honoring Childress will include the same font for the No. 13 and the letters W-S, N.C. on the tail to represent Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Childress’s hometown. 

Childress’s name will be displayed above the driver door, while Dillon’s will appear above the right side door.

Although the Chevrolets dominated Talladega’s spring race and appeared to team up again during Friday’s practice session, Dillon said it remains to be seen if the drivers among that brand can pull off a similar feat akin to six finishing in the top eight.

“We had great leadership leading the charge on this from Chevrolet,” Dillon said. “I think the first time around is probably going to be the easiest time to make it all work. I think the more we do it, it gets harder and harder to get everyone cooperating in the same way because I think everyone starts getting a little selfish sometimes and wants to peek out and see what they can do leading the pack. 

“Maybe it didn’t work perfectly for their situation the first time around. Maybe they were the car at the back of the pack that might’ve gotten dropped off and had to battle the guys behind them the whole time. 

“It’s not easy and not comfortable, but when we can stay committed as a group is when it really works. I give us a ‘B’ for what we were trying to accomplish in the first practice, but we’re going to have a meeting again and, hopefully, get some things straightened out.”