All school systems need to have real programs on how to maintain school safety. The demand by liberals to do away with the 2nd Amendment is a fantasy. They would need a Constitution Convention to remove it from the U.S. Constitution, which would require a two-thirds vote if my memory is correct. Then the states would have to ratify such a vote.

Going against any amendment in the Constitution in any other manner would be treason, and should be treated as such. The 2nd Amendment was added to the Constitution to keep American citizens from falling under the control of a foreign nation. Plus, it allows each citizen the right of self-defense for themselves and their families.

A realistic solution for school safety would be to have retired people who have firearms training like veterans, retired policemen, ect., to volunteer at no cost to school systems to provide for such security. Anything less is wishful thinking or will cost school systems much-needed funds to hire such security.

Getting rid of the 2nd Amendment does not ensure that evil people will not show up at schools with a gun. Trained people on the grounds does ensure that if a person with evil intent did show up at school with a gun, they would be dealt with promptly with no loss of life to students and with little loss of life to those protecting them.

This is a real solution for school safety and not an unrealistic dream like getting rid of the 2nd Amendment, which would solve nothing.

Billy E. Price