TALLADEGA -- I try not to complain too much about  news coverage, but sometimes it is so obvious I feel compelled to speak out.

I watched today's (Feb. 16)  news conference with President Trump and his confrontation with the mainstream media about fake news and dishonesty in news reporting. Yet, tonight at 5:30 p.m., the ABC World News carried about an 8- to 10-minute attack on Trump (as they are doing nightly).  Included was a piece about Trump sitting down with the Congressional Black Caucus. There was a back-and-forth exchange with a reporter, with Trump repeating several times that his office had reached out more than once to the CBC and that they had spurned his offer after initially agreeing to the meet. When David Muir did this piece on the air, the explanation by the president was edited out completely! The way it was stated instead was that the CBC said that they asked to meet and the White House did not respond.   

This is exactly what Trump was attacking today! The media must think that the public is too dumb to notice or doesn't pay any attention. Well, the public is paying attention now!

It should be abundantly clear after today's press conference that Donald Trump will NOT sit idly by and be crucified by a biased news media that is still clearly paying allegiance to the Democrats.

Stay tuned, we have have only seen the opening act.

James W. Anderson