Tracy Partain retiring after 30 years

Tracy Partain has spent 30 years working for two different dentists in Pell City. She officially retires Aug. 14.


PELL CITY -- After 30 years of working for two different dentists in the same office in Pell City, Tracy Partain is retiring Aug. 14.

“It’s sad,” she said, “but it’s time for a change and time to do something a little different.”

Partain said Dr. Scott Barnett needs someone in her financial coordinator position full time. Partain also said she is glad Barnett has someone in mind to fill that position, and she is enjoying training her.

Partain started working in the summers at the age of 15 with Dr. Robert McClung.

“In my junior and senior year of high school, I did co-op,” she said. “Dr. McClung sold the business to Dr. Barnett in 1998, and that’s when it became Pell City Dental. I have seen a lot of people come and go, and I have so many wonderful patients. That’s why it is hard to leave.”

Partain has lived in Pell City all of her life with the exception of the three years she lived in California after she graduated high school.

“When I came back home, I got my job back here with Dr. McClung, Partain said.

After she takes some time to relax, Partain and her sister-in-law are opening a gift shop in Pell City.

“Being here in this office for 30 years has been like a second home,” she said. “My co-workers and patients are like a second family to me. I’ve seen kids come through here that are now married and have kids of their own. It really is bittersweet. 

Barnett said Partain has been with him since the beginning.

“We have been through some good times and some hard times,” Barnett said. “She was with me all the way, and we are really going to miss her a whole lot here.”

Barnett said Partain is an employee who can do it all.

“If we need her to in a pinch, she can make a denture for us,” he said. “She can also be a dental assistant, but mostly she has been our financial coordinator. She has more or less been the office manager, she just doesn’t like the title.”

Partain said she has done everything in the office that a person could name.

Tracy and Richard Partain have been married 16 years. They have three children, Cole, EmmaLee and Colton.

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