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Thanks to Alabama police on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (opinion)

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With National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day coming up this week on Jan. 9, I think it’s important to remember all that Alabama law enforcement does to keep us safe. Specifically, I want to thank them for their efforts in combatting the meth problem that has plagued our state in recent years.

Methamphetamine has destroyed the lives of so many Alabama residents that it can be easy to forget all the progress our law-enforcement officials have made in their fight against it. The fact is, Alabama law-enforcement officials are out there every day risking their lives combatting our state’s meth problem. Thanks to tools like the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx), which is a real-time stop-sale system that prevents illegal purchases of  over-the-counter cold and allergy medications containing pseudoephedrine that could be used to “cook” meth, our law enforcement has been able to effectively fight against meth in Alabama.

So, whether or not your life has been touched by this terrible drug, take a moment to thank law enforcement and remind them of how much we appreciate all their hard work. Thank them for helping to get meth off the streets, and thank them for risking their lives for such a worthy cause.

Ryan Beadles