Nancy Lehe with facsimile check

Nancy Lehe, president of Talladega County Retired Educators Association, with facsimile check worth $569,607.44.

TALLADEGA COUNTY -- The Talladega County Retired Educators Association recently received a facsimile check from the AERA office in Montgomery in the amount of $569,607.44 for community service hours given throughout the county to its residents.

AERA is the Alabama Education Retirees Association.

The Talladega County Retired Educators Association is active and motivated and strives to mentor students and make our voices heard to improve education and retirement benefits. Here are some good reasons for membership in TCREA and AERA:

For almost 60 years, AERA has worked to protect the Teachers’ Retirement System’s benefits for education retirees. A critical issue of concern to all TRS retirees is that COLAs, or cost-of-living allowances, have not been granted by the state Legislature since 2006.  

The average retiree will live 25-35 years following retirement, and inflation can double or triple dollars you need to maintain your lifestyle.

You may draw monthly retirement checks for more years than you worked. Your retirement check is your primary source of income. There are more than 200 retired members over the age 95.

Retirees did get a 13th check this year. The allowance each retires receives from PEEHIP (Public Education Employees’ Health Insurance Plan) is not protected by law. AERA monitors all activity at the statehouse as it relates to the education trust fund spending, which can impact retirees.

Other benefits of AERA/AEA (Alabama Education Association)/NEA (National Education Association) membership include discount insurance programs such as final expense whole life, senior whole life, term life, cancer plan, long-term care, travel and individual annuities, free employment liability insurance for retirees who substitute, vision care and hearing discount programs, ability to pay AERA-sponsored insurance premiums from retirement system check.  

Members can also save up to 50 percent at local and national merchants with an Access discount membership card offered by AEA, a 30 percent discount is offered with the Attorney Referral Program. The program helps members with issues involving real estate, wills and estates.

Talladega County Education Retirees are to be commended for their caring, sharing and devotion to the education system. Retirees must make their voices heard.  Don’t be afraid to contact those representing us in Montgomery about concerns.