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TALLADEGA COUNTY -- During their meeting Monday, members of the Talladega County Board of Education approved a flurry of personnel actions.

They were as follows:

New hires: Jacob Kilgo, social studies teacher, Drew Middle School; Peyton Logan, support technician, Central Office; Christy Smith, counselor, Talladega County Central High; and Taryn Woodgett, fifth-grader teacher, Stemley Road Elementary;

Resignations: Samantha Baker, pre-K teacher, B.B. Comer; Andrea Karen Black, bus driver, Childersburg Middle; Jaimie Eden Cote, sixth-grade teacher, CMS; Jacqueline Eden, fourth-grade teacher, Lincoln Elementary; Billy Hopkins, sixth-grade teacher, Drew Middle; Lena Emanuel Kilgore, counselor, B.B. Comer; Mary Ostrander, fifth-grader teacher, CMS; Bonnie Sears, fourth-grade teacher, Munford Elementary; Cindy Smith, counselor, CMS; Brandy Sprayberry, fifth-grade teacher, B.B. Comer; Trenton South, mathematics teacher, Munford High; Robyn Whittington, counselor, LES and Lincoln High; and Alice Worsham, mathematics teacher, TCCHS;

Leave of absence: Caitlyn Halpin, first-grade teacher, LES;

Transfers: Lara Blankenship, custodian at MES to Child Nutrition Program assistant for MHS; Rachel Harmon, special education teacher at TCCHS to special education teacher at Genesis; Kimberly Mitchell, fourth-grade teacher at A.H. Watwood Elementary to third-grade at Sycamore Elementary; Belinda O’Toole, library media specialist at Childersburg Elementary to library media specialist for B.B. Comer; Sherry Reynolds, school secretary at B.B. Comer to business accounting specialist for the Central Office; and Theresa Thomas, .50/.50 digital learning specialist at TCCHS to sixth-grader teacher for DMS.

Certified tenures: Tammy Bailey, DMS; Jonathan Beverly, Childersburg High; Jasmine Blizzard, Stemley Road Elementary; Caprice Buttram, Fayetteville High; Amber Conway, MHS; Shelby Curlee, B.B. Comer; Brittany Matson Daugherty, TCCHS: Jasmin Ford, B.B. Comer; Jesse Gable, Winterboro High; Keneisha Garrett, A.H. Watwood Elementary; Cassandra Gaskins, LES; Michele Green, B.B. Comer; Caitlyn Halpin, LES; Ashley Hamlin, MHS; Holly Harris, A.H. Watwood Elementary; Kelsey Haynes, Stemley Road Elementary; Paula Johnson, WHS; Anna Jones, LES; Margaret Lane Kulovitz, DMS; Thomas Lamb, B.B. Comer; Amanda Lovelady, CHS; Whitney Murchison, CHS; Amy Nelson, FHS; Jessica Pearson, MES: Mary Ella Pearson, CHS; Michael Pinson, FHS; Nathan Prather, CHS; Lindsey Ragan, LES; Evelyn Reeves, CHS; Jennifer Robertson, MES; Amy St John. CHS; Heather Studdard, WHS; Lisa Swinney, LHS; Amber Thomason, WHS; Allison Thornton, A.H. Watwood; and Melissa Trimble, FHS;

Support tenures: Tammy Banks, CHS; Valorie Chambliss, B.B. Comer; Beth Collett, MMS; Willie Cook, TCCHS; Shelley Curlee, LES; Lisa Floyd, CMS; Kimberly Gaither, MMS; Pamela Garrett, B.B. Comer; Jordan Higginbotham, B.B. Comer; Jared Lavier, Central Office; Greg Lucas, Transportation Department; Keith Meadors, CMS; Kelley Osbourn, A.H. Watwood Elementary; Patricia Shields, MHS; Christy Smith, CES; Shemekia Stockdale, MHS; Tabitha Wheeler, B.B. Comer; and Amy Willingham MHS.  

Non-renewal of contract: Bethany Daniel, special education teacher, DMS; Kimberly Davis, third-grade teacher, Sycamore Elementary; Amber Harris, sixth-grade teacher, DMS; Jessica Kelley, English teacher, TCCHS; Tracy Lee King, fourth-grade teacher, Sycamore Elementary; Jon Michael Lee, secondary teacher, MHS; Jeffrey Lumpkin, social studies teacher, LHS; Tara McBurnett mathematics teacher, LHS; and Heather Newton, third-grader teacher, Stemley Road Elementary.

Board members Johnny Ponder and Doyle were absent.