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A pile of dirt can be seen on the side of the municipal pool where workers tried to find a major water leak this week.


Denise Sinclair/The Daily Home

SYLACAUGA -- A pile of dirt remained on the side of the municipal pool Friday afternoon where concrete had been dug up in search of a leak.

A leak has yet to be pinpointed, causing city officials to have a company come back to locate it so repairs can be made.

Earlier in the week, Parks and Recreation Department Director Jim Armstrong  said an “X” marked the spot where the leak was suppose to be.

City employees, interim Code Enforcement Director Mike Whetstone said Friday afternoon, dug where the “X” was, and no leak was found.

“We’ve still got a leak,” he said.

Armstrong said the location with the “X” is where he heard the leak running.

“The individual with the company looking for the leak let me listen to it,” he said. “He marked the spot where we heard the water running. After the concrete was removed, workers dug down, but no leak was found.”

Said Whetstone, “We are trying not to have to dig up any more concrete at the pool. The first place the company found appeared to be the wrong site.

“We cut the concrete and dug down in that one section. We are certainly hoping we can find it next week. We certainly don’t want to dig up all the concrete around the pool.”

While the search is ongoing, the pool remains closed. There is no time frame for when it will open, Armstrong said.

Mayor Jim Heigl said the leak had been there awhile. He said the city hated to close the pool, especially with the weather getting warmer.

“There is no other choice. We’ve got to find that leak,” he said.

Council President Lee Perryman told Armstrong at that time that once the scope of the leak and the damage was located, the council could look at cost estimates for repairs.

It remains unclear where the swim team for the Parks and Recreation Department will practice and meets will be held because Armstrong was unavailable for comments.