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Sylacauga council approves new police pay plan

Sylacuga administration 2020-24

The city of Sylacauga inaugurated its new administration Monday, Nov. 2, 2020. The mayor is Jim Heigl. The council includes Ashton Fowler, Tiffany Nix, Nate Brewer, Lee Perryman and Laura Barlow Heath.

SYLACAUGA -- Compensation for the municipality’s police force was a hot topic when the Sylacauga City Council held a work session before its regular meeting Tuesday, Jan. 5.

Much of the discussion centered around the police pay plan and the efforts to separate police compensation from the citywide pay plan. The task was given to police Chief Kelley Johnson in an effort to recruit new officers and retain existing officers. The plan has come under scrutiny during the last few meetings due to budgetary concerns and clarification of job descriptions. 

The council did Tuesday approve a request from Johnson to separate police and fire pay from the existing public safety pay plan and create a new public safety police pay plan to be implemented April 1. 

The approved action will increase base pay for officers, provide a pay increase for officers with 10 years or more, create additional job positions for administration and animal control, and create three additional police positions to be filled. These changes have not been reconciled with the fiscal budget and will require additional funding by the council in the future. 

City clerk

The council approved action to designate Kim Morris as assistant city clerk/treasurer to be made interim city clerk/treasurer  Feb. 1 following the retirement of current Clerk Patricia Carden. This action includes a 5% pay increase for Morris while she serves in both positions. The council also approved the addition of a full-time Accounting Clerk III position.

Council members approved applying for a permit to operate an air-curtain incinerator to dispose of “green” waste, such as trees, limbs, brush and leaves. 

Other actions:

  • The council approved a request to roll over unused COVID-19 related vacation time for three police officers.

  • Approved a request by Johnson to purchase security cameras for $13,734 and security access control systems for $11,876 from Wesson Companies for installation in City Hall, the Police Firing Range, the Street and Shop departments, and the Animal Shelter.

  • Approved payments for additional fiscal year 2020 accounts payable invoices totaling $4,938.47; and 

  • Approved payments for payable invoices during December 2020 totaling $75,481.32.