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Sylacauga City Board of Education members are (from left) Amy Price, Dr. Rekha Chadalawada, Dr. Steve Marlowe, Janean Crawford and Melissa Garris.


SYLACAUGA -- Members of the Sylacauga Board of Education on Tuesday approved their fiscal 2020 budget.

The board held its second and final budget hearing Tuesday. The board also held a budget hearing Aug. 27.

Sylacauga City Schools Chief Financial Officer Lisa Dickerson gave a detailed presentation of the system’s total projected budget, revenue and expenditures for the next fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1.

“This is a strong but conservative budget,” Sylacauga City Schools Superintendent Dr. Jon Segars said.

Dickerson said the General Fund budget summary for 2019-20 has the system with a projected balance of $2,100,000, revenue of $18,486,794and expenditures of the same amount. 

Of the $18,486,794 General Fund budget, $15,485,350 is for salaries and benefits, making up a total of 84 percent of the system’s operating costs.

The majority of revenues are state at 70.1 percent. Local revenues account for 28.4 percent.

“Approximately 80 percent of our spending goes directly to instruction and instructional support,” Segars said.“It’s important that the majority of our funding goes straight back into the classroom.”

The school system lost state funding for 4.70 teacher and administrative units in fiscal year 2020 due to the drop in ADM (Average Daily Membership), which is what funding is based on. 

According to Dickerson, the system is projected to lose six units in 2020-21.

As of Sept. 6, total enrollment for the system was 2,021, down 93 students from the last academic year. 

Segars pointed out the loss in students is not unique to Sylacauga.

“It is a bigger problem than just us,” he said. “This is something that area systems are having to address as well, but we are doing what we can to improve our numbers.

“I believe we’re going to be OK going forward, but it is crucial we continue to work with the city about how to move the city forward economically, and with student enrollment.”

Board member Amy Price was absent Tuesday.

In other business, the board:

  • Approved the following personnel changes:

New hires: Olivia Harmon, math team competition coach, Pinecrest Elementary; Jessica Mathis, math team competition coach, Pinecrest; Jana Kelbie Baker, math team competition coach, Pinecrest; April Lane, health science teacher, Nichols-Lawson Middle; Selena Felkins, half-time Title I interventionalist, Nichols-Lawson; Donna Holbroook, full-time bus driver, Sylacauga City Schools; Lanita Bolden, substitute teacher, Sylacauga City Schools; Jennifer Wilkinson Lee, substitute teacher, Sylacauga City Schools; Angela Bates, tutor, Sylacauga City Schools; Nitha Storey, homebound teacher, Sylacauga City Schools; Rebecca Murphy, Square point of sale ticket seller for the 2019-20 football season; Cecil Hollinquest, ninth-grade boys basketball coach, Sylacauga High; and Anthony Jacks, athletic multimedia and production specialist, SHS.

Resignations: Kellis Godwin, health science teacher, Nichols-Lawson.

  • Deemed a 2004 Chevrolet Impala for drivers education at SHS as surplus; and

  • Approved two returning tuition students for the 2019-20 school year.

The next Sylacauga Board of Education meeting will be Tuesday, Oct. 22, at 6 p.m. A work session will be held prior at 5.